Mission Statement

Telecommunications involves the successful transport of voice, data, image, and video information over a distance. The mission of ITERA is the advancement of telecommunications science through excellence in research and education. Telecommunications science draws from multiple disciplines, including the management, technology and policy aspects of telecommunications. ITERA will work towards the development and advancement of telecommunications as an accredited academic discipline.

Of particular interest to ITERA are telecommunications networks of all kind, as it is through network infrastructure that all telecommunications function is derived. Geographically, these networks span local, metropolitan, regional, national, and global areas. The combination of computers and telecommunications has collapsed the time and distance factors that once separated nations, people and business organizations. ITERA is committed to the study of telecommunications networking which provides the technology and electronic pathways that makes global communication possible.

ITERA endeavors to advance telecommunications science through the creation of a forum for telecommunications and networking professionals, educators, and researchers. This forum will encourage and support the creation and maintenance of telecommunications interest groups, conferences, proceedings and journals.

The clear lines and historic boundaries that once separated telecommunications and information technology are disappearing. A natural convergence of industries and information technologies are blurring any remaining distinctions. To that end, all aspects of telecommunications research and application are welcomed, including wired and wireless telephony, cable television, the Internet, satellite communication and data networks. ITERA is interested in encouraging and promoting discourse between telecommunications service providers, vendors, regulators, educators, and users.

ITERA welcomes membership and participation of individuals and organizations, including institutions of higher learning, industry, and governmental organizations.