The ITERA Fellows

Description – The Fellows represent an ITERA based resource of senior, experienced academics and others whose backgrounds include significant academic and/or industry-based field experience.

This selective corps of talents is available to ITERA members for program evaluations, guest lectures, special program or project consultation, outside reviewers and labs and other program development assistance.

While each Fellow must be contacted individually, this group is generally available as a service to ITERA members, depending on the nature of the request, and fees, if any, are at reduced rates and expenses will depend on each circumstance.

This is an unfunded service by ITERA for member institutions.

Criteria for Selection

Candidates for ITERA Senior Fellows must have at least 15 years academic or combined academic/industry experience, part of which included leadership responsibilities. Candidates for ITERA Fellows, though more junior, must have at least 10 years of academic or industry experience or a combination of both to be considered.

Selection Process

ITERA Senior Fellows or ITERA Fellows must be nominated by an ITERA Board of Directors member and the board must elect nominees to the Fellows by a simple majority vote. Term of Fellowship is for 5 years and is renewable!

All nominated Fellows must submit vitae to their nominator who is then responsible for vetting and having the vitae available for board review.

Availability and Public Information

While ITERA Fellows must be dealt with individually for scheduling and assignment purposes, by virtue of acceptance into the Fellows it is assumed that they will give priority to ITERA requests.