ITERA Case Study Competition

The annual ITERA Case Study Competition presents teams of students with a hypothetical, but realistic, telecommunications problem. They are called upon to integrate their technical knowledge and problem-solving expertise to craft a solution to that problem. The two-part competition requires the teams to begin by preparing a written solution to the case. The written solutions are evaluated blindly by a set of industry and professional judges. The teams with the best-written response are then invited to make an oral presentation to a second panel of judges at the annual ITERA Conference.

“We want our students to develop professionalism, technical, and business acumen. The ITERA Case Study Competition affords them the opportunity to demonstrate those qualities in a real-world scenario,” Professor Mike Bowman of Murray State University and the 2018 Competition Chair says. “To be competitive in the contest, teams must develop realistic technical solutions, implementation schedules, and cost estimates. These three elements, cost, schedule, and performance get a team into the finals. To be a Case Study champion, teams must combine the basics with a precise, well rehearsed, and memorable oral presentation – the same elements that will make them successful in the modern business world.”

2019 Case Study: Hopeville Community Schools

  • Reminder: Teams should ensure that the submission follows the “ITERA Case Study Competition and Rules” instructions on page four of the Case Study.

Key Dates

  • December 7, 2018 – Deadline for informing ITERA of intention to compete.
  • January 28, 2019 – Case Study Submission Deadline


Recent case studies:

2018 – Lexington – PeachCorp Smart Industrial Park
                     2018 Case Study Winning Paper

2017 – Nashville – Personal HealthCare Record Security Challenge
                     2017 Case Study Winning Paper

2016 – Louisville – Real-time Crime Prevention System

2015 – Washington – Small Sales-oriented Business

2014 – Louisville – Critical Infrastructure Secure Network