Western Michigan is 2011 Undergrad Program of Excellence

Western Michigan University’s Telecommunications and Information Management (TIM) program was the recipient of the 2011 International Telecommunications Education & Research (ITERA) Award for program excellence. This occasion marked the first time that WMU has been so honored for its work in the field of information technology management.

The Telecommunications & Information Management (TIM) program is a joint major offered through the Department of Business Information Systems, Haworth College of Business and the School of Communication, College of Arts & Sciences. The TIM program is designed to train students in a variety of telecommunications and data communication subdisciplines ranging from satellite and wireless communication to networking and information management. Since its beginning in 2004, the TIM program has become one of the most highly recognized interdisciplinary programs at Western Michigan University. It offers a 21st century approach to the study of telecommunications and information technology by combining people and resources across the greater WMU campus.

What is particularly noteworthy about the 2011 Program Excellence Award is the fact that Western’s TIM program is fairly new compared to other, more well established programs. The TIM program admitted its first students in the fall of 2004 and has awarded over a 120 degrees since that time. According to James Gantt, Director, Center for Telecommunications Systems Management, Murray State University and outgoing Chairman for ITERA,

“The TIM program at Western Michigan was selected for the 2011 ITERA Undergraduate Program of the Year because of its academic strength and the performance of the students it produces. In a relatively short time, the program has become a dominant factor in the ITERA National Case Study competition and student paper competitions. I have visited the WMU campus to see how the program is structured and have seen the quality and professionalism of the faculty and students. The TIM program is one of the leading programs of its type in the country. This award is a recognition from peer institutions of its status as a premier program.”

Dr. Rick Gershon, Professor and Co-Director of the Telecommunications & Information Management program concurs:

“I think what has been most satisfying to watch is the relative success of our graduates. Our kids are in high demand and do very well once they’re out in the field. I think we’re also building something of a tradition as well. And most importantly, the TIM program demonstrates what can be accomplished using an interdisciplinary approach to the field of information technology management.”

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