Inaugural Katherine B Snow Research Paper Award

The International Telecommunications Education and Research Association (ITERA) held their annual ITERA conference this past April and many attendees were able to share papers and research they had been working on over the year. This year also marked the first year for the “Katherine B. Snow Best Research Paper Award” to be awarded, thanks to a generous endowment from the Snow family in honor of their beloved wife and mother, Katherine B. Snow.

Former President of ITERA Dr. Andy Snow of Ohio University presented the award to the co-authors of the winning paper, Michigan State University (MSU) Professor, Dr. Steve Wildman and MSU PhD student, Sang Yup Lee. The paper was titled “The Online Casual Games Industry: A Multisided Platform Perspective.” The endowment that was established in Katherine’s honor will allow ITERA to award the “Katherine B. Snow Best Research Paper Award” annually at its conference; Wildman and Yup Lee also received a cash reward.

Wildman shared his feelings on being the first recipient of the award, “It is a great honor to share the first Katherine B. Snow Research Paper Award with my co-author and MSU PhD student Sang Yup Lee. I know the selection committee had a number of very good papers from which to choose. Ideally research in telecommunications will advance our understanding of the roles of information technology in the various economic, social, and societal contexts in which it is employed and point to ways in which the technology might be used to better serve the needs of individuals, organizations, and social institutions. Knowing that ITERA exists in part to promote research of this type and that other scholars similarly motivated found our paper worthy of the Snow award makes it doubly special.”

Started in 2004, ITERA is focused on the development and the advancement of telecommunications as an academic discipline by creating a forum for academics and industry to collaborate. The ITERA organization was formed from the original Murray State University Telecommunications Systems Management Annual Conference in Louisville, KY when many academic attendees recognized the need for a working association between universities with telecom programs. More information on ITERA, its academic members, and the Katherine B. Snow Best Research Paper award can be found on their website at

Sang Yup Lee (left) and Dr. Steve Wildman (middle left) received the first annual Katherine B. Snow Best Research Paper award at 2011 ITERA conference from Dr. Andy Snow (middle right) and Dr. Michael Bowman, ITERA President (right).


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