News from the 2018 Conference, quick update edition:

ITERA Officers for 2018-2019
– Chairman: Michael Ramage, Murray State
– President: Ray Hansen, Wentworth Tech
– Vice-President: Scott Kingsley, Southern Methodist
– Treasurer: Phil Rawles, Purdue
– Secretary: Dennis Trinkle, Ball State
– Case Study Chair: Ray Steele, Ball State
– Webmaster: Phil Campbell, Ohio University

2018 ITERA Case Study: Murray State University

2018 Snow Research Award Paper:
A Study of Feature Weight Learning in a KNN Website Fingerprinting Attack
– Dr. Matthew Tennyson, Murray State University
– Mr. Christopher Harton, Murray State University
– Mr. Nathan Rininger, Murray State University
– Mr. James Paschall, Murray State University
– Mr. Jonathan Williams, Bradley University

2018 Student Paper Award:
LPWA Solutions for IoT Devices: LTE-M and NB-IoT
– Shraddha Birare, Southern Methodist University
– Suraj Nair, Southern Methodist University

2018 Innovative Course Award:
EETS 8355 Data Center Network Engineering
– Scott Kingsley, Southern Methodist University

2018 Program of the Year Award:
Southern Methodist University

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